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Be it a need to develop a top of the line IT solution for your business or a futuristic idea that needs to be evolved into a product, We specialize in bringing cutting edge technology to life.

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                                    The ever-evolving landscape of technology has redefined the way business is done in the last few years. Majority of the businesses now, rely heavily on mass produced technology. The adaptation, limits a business’s growth due to the limitations in these kinds of mass produced technologies. Emerging businesses need customized solutions which are easily adaptable to a variety of parameters that are at play in your business environment.
                                                                        This is where we come in. As a specialized tech-startup, we take pride in our capability to provide product solutions to a wide variety of business problems. Customization is the key to the uninterrupted tech-adaptation in a modern dynamic business setup. We specialize in out of the box solutions, that ensure the latest cutting edge technology is integrated into your process flow.

What we Do

We brought in the experience from technology domains, such as Semiconductors, Networking and tools development, and from business domains such as Banking and Finance, Retail, Telecom, Petroleum and Energy, Shipping and Transportation, Healthcare, Power and Utilities and Crime Investigation. We set out to converge these expertise into an efficient delivery unit.


We can help turn your million dollar idea into a viable software product.

IT Solutions

Customized IT solutions for a variety of highly dynamic business problems.


Reach your customers on the go with our mobility solutions.


Optimize your existing IT solutions with us and turn your business future ready.

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Kishtab Learning Management System

Kishtab is our flagship platform, in the making, to promote online education throughout the length and breadth of India. Every teenage student today understands the importance of education. It is the very basis of the development of our nation. Unfortunately, it is not easily accessible to all. Many schools have a shortage of teachers. Some students spend hours commuting in crowded local trains and buses to avail an hour of private tuition. Others, who cannot afford the cost or the time, are deprived of it. Many others remain constrained by their geographical location, and are unable to obtain education from teachers of their choice.

MIS for Food And Drugs Authority M.P India

MIS was developed for Food department under Food and Drugs Authority of Madhya Pradesh, which has almost 1550 Food Safety Officers will enter the data for reporting for administration to see and observe the drawn high end analytics and can easily drill down smooth and detailed reports for any presentation 


 We re-architected the systems to transmit data from the sites to a cloud server in near real time, bypassing the intra-company VPNs. We provided web portals for Geologging’s clients to sign in, monitor drilling operations, and download drilling data in WITSML, HTML and raw formats. (WITSML is an XML based format for transmitting oil and natural gas data that is understood by various systems in the petroleum industry, including the new age IoT products.) 

Shuddh for Food And Drugs Authority M.P India

We have designed and developed Shuddh Andriod App for Food and Drugs Authority of Madhya Pradesh India. The App was created in 36 Hour with record development and implementation time with zero bugs and daily more than 1000 reports being generated

Kishtab is our flagship platform, to promote online education throughout the length and breadth of India. Kishtab LMS is end to end learning management system with features to replicate and enhance the classroom learning. As a virtual platform kishtab offers students a real-time in class experience which at the same time makes life easier for the teachers in this paradigm shift.

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Who we Are

After completing his M.S. Electrical in VLSI design from SJSU, California, USA, Mr. Saxena has 14 Yrs of IT Experience as Data Architect & technology development expert. He is known for his Business acumen and ideation with success of Start-ups like Iribis Pvt. Ltd. & XandPi Pvt. Ltd.. He has reputation to deliver all his project with ardency and precision. With his prudence he assures smooth completion of any project.

Subhra Dey, an alumnus of IIEST and TCS, having 25+ Yrs. of experience in IT architecture, design, development and delivery management, successfully delivered large and complex projects involving transaction processing, tools development, real time data acquisition and transmission, data warehousing, master data management, data migration, big data, web technology and mobile apps.

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